1. Prospective dual enrollment students must have a 3.0 un-weighted high school GPA. After verifying your GPA, apply to the College.

** Note: Students participating in dual enrollment must earn a grade of “C” or higher in their college-level courses and maintain a 3.0 GPA in high school to continue participation. Students whose College GPA falls below 2.0 are ineligible to continue dual enrollment. Students may lose eligibility if they are disruptive to the learning process. **


  1. Students must complete placement testing requirements. To take the PERT at MDC, students must submit the PERT Placement Test Referral Form signed by the school dual enrollment coordinator. Please read the entire document from top to bottom.
  1. Submit the PERT Placement Test Referral Form and complete PERT at Miami Dade College North Campus Testing Center. Make sure to bring a valid picture ID for testing purposes.
  1. Students must pass the appropriate sections of the PERTACT, or SAT to enroll in college credit courses requiring competency in the associated placement area. All courses on the approved list, except for SLS 1125, SLS 1401, SLS 1502, and SLS 1510 require college-ready placement status in reading and writing.

Students who are deficient in writing and/or reading skills may not enroll in college credit English courses or other college credit courses on the approved list, until they have demonstrated proficiency in reading and writing by passing the appropriate sections of a basic skills assessment test.

  1. Bring your test scores to the dual enrollment coordinator’s office prior to the posted deadlines.
  1. Make an appointment with your counselor to discuss possible courses to enroll in. A parent/guardian needs to be present for this meeting. Ensure that you have filled out Part I and Part II of the Dual Enrollment Program Form prior to the meeting.
  1. After you have registered for class and you have received your class schedule, bring 2 copies of the schedule to the dual enrollment coordinator’s office to receive a Book Voucher. To fill out a Book Voucher, please see the example provided.
  1. Submit the book voucher to Miami Dade College North Campus Bookstore.
  1. After class has finished, RETURN the book(s) to the dual enrollment coordinator.

A new dual enrollment Program Form must be submitted for each term/semester enrolled.

You can take up to 2 classes each semester (summer, fall, and/or spring) for a total of 6 classes.