Patricia Marrero

May 2020

Patricia Marrero, American University, Graduated May 2020

Major: International Relations with a minor in International Business

Career Goals: In an ideal world, I will be at a workplace where I can use my critical thinking skills to solve issues in the region I end up working in. For now, I would love to work for a business/IR consulting firm.

Biggest surprise about the college experience: There is no "right" way to do it. In high school, people tend to generalize an image of what college/university looks like, but it differs from person to person. Just make sure you end up somewhere you absolutely LOVE (school and city).

Most challenging coursework in college: My major requires a lot of writing (research papers, policy memos, etc.) so I would say that was the most challenging coursework, especially freshman year when it was all new to me.

Accomplishment most proud of: Studying abroad in São Paulo, Brazil where I fulfilled my major requirements since my region of study is Latin America. I learned a new culture and becoming fluent in my third language, Portuguese.

Can you provide any advice to our current Knights? Work hard now so you can feel accomplished later. College is the best four years of your life (if you choose right)!

I paid for college with…: I received a scholarship from my university of $17,900 per semester, the CAP Grant of $1000 or less (changes annually), and I am a Pell Grant recipient.

Fondest memory from high school: Driving Mr. Milian crazy is funnnnnnnn, do it!

High School Graduation Date: June 1, 2016