Jose Enriquez, Jr.


JMM 6-12 Academy Principal EnriquezJose Enriquez always likes to refer to two sets of children that he is always looking out for on a daily basis.

The first set of his children reside at his home in Cooper City, including Charlie, Jose III, Alyssa, and Isabella. Together with his wife Jennifer, they are always working hard to provide the very best environment and top notch up bringing that is possible.

The second set of children that he constantly works with includes every student attending Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy. He is always referring to them as his own kids. Mr. Enriquez is a product of Miami Dade County Public Schools from K-12 and he earned his Social Studies and Educational Leadership degrees from Florida International University.

Born into education, Mr. Enriquez has actually followed directly in his parents footsteps. Jose Enriquez Sr. was actually the founding Principal at Jose Marti Middle School back in 1987 and his mother was an English teacher for 30 years at the High School level.

Mr. Enriquez spent seven years in the classroom teaching Social Studies to both Middle and Senior High School students. Prior to being named the Principal of Jose Marti Middle School in 2006 he spent ten years as an assistant principal at the middle school level. His priority has always been to make sure that the common belief by all staff in his school, centers around the concept that each and every individual student should be responsible for his or her own learning. In addition not only can all students learn but they all can certainly learn at high levels.

Recently his leadership has successfully transformed Jose Marti Middle School into a successful full STEM based magnet school that is now known as Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy.

Sofia Buttacavoli

Assistant Principal

JMM 6-12 Academy AP Buttacavoli

Sofia Buttacavoli was born and raised in Miami Beach, FL.  She was part of the founding class of MAST Academy on Key Biscayne where she was ensconced in her passion, Marine Biology.

She graduated from the FIU Honors College with a degree in Science Education with an emphasis in Biology. She continued her education and attained her Masters degree in Educational Leadership from FIU as well. She taught for 7 years at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High as a biology teacher and then was the Assistant Principal of Curriculum.

She then began working at Jose Marti Middle School in 2009 and was elated to hear of the transformation to Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy. She is excited about the possibility of doing justice to her alma mater and continuing the legacy she helped build.

She is also married and has twins which only further enrich her life and bring her joy (and keep her entertained and on her toes.) Mrs. Buttacavoli has a firm belief that students are responsible for their own learning and educators are charged with the task of providing the students with the utmost preparation to be well rounded individuals.