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The overall purpose of PTSA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Students learn and lead more productive lives when parents, school staff and the community work together. The PTSA’s mission is to bring these groups together to share thoughts and ideas on programs and activities that nurture and benefit all.

Won’t you help us make a difference?

Many times, ONE PERSON can launch a new idea that develops a new program.
Many times, ONE PERSON can identify a need that should be addressed.
Many times, ONE PERSON can suggest a new way in which we can raise additional funding.

We want to hear what YOU have to say!
Becoming a member of the PTSA is an important first step. Our PTSA officers are already hard at work to make this year another successful one. By developing close relationships with parents, students, school administration and teachers, we work together to identify the needs and develop the solutions that enhance the school environment and the student experience.

Our goal is to have 100% membership!

Please make your commitment known through active participation and membership.

PTSA Board 2023-2024

  • President: Natalie Castillo
  • VP of Activities: Mirtha Flores
  • VP of Fundraising: Davina Sibert
  • VP of Membership: Danielle Ramirez
  • Corresponding Secretary: Ana Mendoza
  • Responding Secretary: Jenny De La Fuente
  • Treasurer: Karen Zamorano
  • Committee Chairperson: Alain Flores
  • Student representatives: 
  • Teacher representative:  Albina Cruz

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