AlumKnight Spotlight – January 2024

January 2024 Spotlight: Ashton Penalacia

alumni photo

Ashton Penalacia (Class of ’22), University of Florida, Graduating in 2026

Degree: Dual major in Computer Science& Mathematics

Career Goals: Either work in a large tech firm or work in the financial side of technology

What has been the biggest surprise about the college experience? How different the environment is compared to high school and how many people are there to support you

Most challenging coursework in college: Calculus II

Accomplishment most proud of: Other than Amazon Future Engineer, I became an Ambassador for them and have a return offer for the following summer.

Can you provide any advice to our current Knights? Prioritize scholarships and choice of college that best fits to what you want to actually do in your future, even if you don’t have it entirely figured out. Even though it may not seem so important but if you are getting into something extremely rigorous such as engineering start learning early on about it

I paid for college with…: I am getting paid roughly $18k to go to the University of Florida a year; between 75% Bright Futures, $10k a year from Amazon, the Federal Pell Grant, and other micro scholarships that UF provides. I get that money refunded to me to help me pay for rent, bills, or just overall pocket money for my future.

Fondest memory from high school: I miss hanging out with my friends all the time after school or in class and being able to talk to them. I also miss some of the moments in classes that I’ve had with teachers and just the overall high school experience even though it had its moments.