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Mr. E. Veiga

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Meeting Dates

3rd Monday of the month

STEM club is open to all students. The club provides an avenue through which members may explore facets of science beyond the classroom.  It seeks to encourage students to participate in science related activities and to instill values that reflect appreciation and understanding of science as it relates to life.  The goal of our club is to develop leadership, responsibility and scientific awareness.  Our objectives will be accomplished through the interaction of the club members, club sponsors, other students and the community.  All members work as a team to accomplish goals and objectives.  Students will be exposed to various scientific disciplines in chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering and technology.  A selection of experiments will be performed during our meetings in order to engage club members in scientific thinking.  Students will also have opportunities to explore and discover the art of doing science.

The STEM Club is also the host of our Ten80 Education racing teams. Find out more below: